This spring will see us open a brand-new and larger construction hall. This expansion will be completed in our golden jubilee year and enable us to build motoryachts up to 40+ metres in length – something that was not yet possible in our existing facilities.

Van der Valk is celebrating 50 years of yacht building in 2017. And we are doing so in grand style by adding a new production hall. The terrain for the facility has already been levelled and construction is underway. By the time of our annual Experience Event in March 2017, the roof and walls of the new hall will be finished, letting owners and potential clients have a peek behind the scenes and witness the future of Van der Valk in action.

The photo below shows the current stage of construction. This is both a symbol of our faith in the future & commitment to our clients, and the crowning achievement of a 50-year existence. Our craftsmen are currently working on eight new build projects of which six will be ready for delivery in the coming months.