About us

When I took my first sailing lessons on the shores of Normandie in the mid 1970’s, I was far from imagining that my passion for the sea would ultimately take me up to serve the most prestigious yachts in the world.”

Elisabeth BOURDON


Founder & Manager

Born in Paris France, Elisabeth has been raised in an international environment. Attending international schools would inevitably take her to international studies and further to an international career. Soon hired by a French organization for foreign trade and EC inter European programs, she traveled a lot and ultimately chose her home port in Greece.

Specialized in International Trade, Marketing and launching projects, she worked for groups and organizations related to luxury from an early stage. Ultimately it was a renowned Greek Group that offered her to switch from their marketing & Procurement team to become their Chartering Manager, to take care of one of the most exquisite fleet of mega yachts of the time.

After several years, she headed for an entirely new venture and opened her Yachting company in Athens. Since then, Elysee Ltd has developed into a well established company handling a large portfolio of distinguished guests all over the world, Serving each of them with passion and care and confidentiality.

Gradually, brokerage and representations of brands have been added, Wim Van Der Valk , Cerri Cantieri Navali and the famous brand of Johnson Yachts.

Large yacht projects are proposed with the best yacht builders as Elysee Ltd enjoys the close collaboration of the finest specialists, designers, naval architects, surveyors and shipyards the industry can offer. Worldwide celebrated names collaborate now with us to create the dreams of some very special and demanding clients.

Elysee Ltd has waived the barriers of the possible in Yachting matters and we are proud to take every request as a challenge to deliver and make it our mission for success.

Elysee Ltd delivers a comprehensive and efficient exclusive service with a very complete assistance at every step of your yachting experience. Our mission is to leave you with the only pleasure of hassle free cruising.

Our team is dedicated to professional yachting since 1992 and we rely on a network of highly professional specialists throughout the Mediterranean and around the world. We assist you at every step of your yachting experience, from your dream to your launch, from your first drawings to your last port of call…. for your optimum comfort, security and pleasure on board.

  • CHARTERING, selected yachts, cruise planning and preparation worldwide
  • BROKERAGE, New builds – Projects – Second hands –Sale and Purchase
  • MANAGEMENT, flagging, classification, crew, accounting , clearance, ISM / ISPS codes, Risk management
  • CONSULTANCY, registration, insurance, surveying, finance and legal service
  • MAINTENANCE, refits, repairs ,rebuild, spares, dry docking, engineering, technical assistance
  • VIP SERVICES, Berthing, reservations, Security services, Jets –helicopters, luxury cars, event management, luxury real estate….

Our Services are performed by some of the best specialists in this industry:
consultants, surveyors, naval architects and designers, technicians, captains and crew, specialized advisors and attorneys are dedicated to deliver the utmost of quality.

Always with you… delivering the very best!

A few words about the name ELYSEE
“from an early stage this name imposed itself to me… a symbol and landmark of my home city Paris is the Champs Elysees, name of Greek origin that describes a mythological Paradise. Indeed, if there was a word that could summarize our mission, that would be ELYSEE: We aim to deliver a paradise to those modern time heroes who fight hard to achieve their well earned luxury escape.”EB

Elysian Fields
Hesiod called the Elysium – the Isle of Blessed. Those mortals, who were lucky to be favoured by the gods, will dwell in the Elysium, (or Elysian Field), were indeed blessed.

In The Aeneid, Virgil gave several other names, such as Land of Joy, the Fortunate Wood and the Home of the Blessed. The environment in Elysium was peaceful and joyous, able to enjoy the pleasures such as hunting, sports, music and feasts.

Elysium or the Elysian Fields (Paradise). “When they come to the happy places, the pleasant glades of the woods of the Fortunate, Aeneas and the Sibyl find that all is bright, for paradise has its own sunlight. Some delight in sports, others appreciate music and dance under the inspired direction of the bard Orpheus.”
Odyssey, book 11