JULY 2017

“ICON Yachts” together with “Erdivicki Yacht Design,” and “Bristow-Holmes” are thrilled to announce that the Keel Laying Ceremony for the stunning 46 Metre Yacht “The Gotham Project,” officially took place on Friday the 14th of July. This ICONIC event took place at the “Bloemsma” Aluminum facility in Makkum, in the Dutch province of Friesland.

A Keel Laying Ceremony is the formal recognition of the start of the vessel’s construction and signifies the first of many important events throughout the project. Attended by approximately sixty key individuals, the Keel Laying ceremony is a historic moment that will be remembered and cherished by all involved.

The keel laying ceremony marks the beginning of the physical construction of “The Gotham Project” following nearly twelve months of project planning, design and naval architecture.

After careful consideration and tendering process, “Bloemsma” were the natural choice when it came to selecting a specialist aluminum co-maker to construct what many have dubbed, “The most progressive and ICONIC super yacht under construction”. “Bloemsma” boast a renowned racing pedigree thanks to numerous regatta wins from their J-Class and Truly Classic Aluminum sailing yachts.

The design department at ICON Yachts states “We are very excited that after winning the prestigious Yacht and Aviation Awards in London with Ivan Erdevicki back in 2013 the initial concept has matured into the stunning Gotham project. The team of ICON Yachts, Bristow Holmes and Erdevicki Design are all enthused by the vision and passion of the client creating his very personal dream yacht’

Harry Bristow-Holmes of Bristow-Holmes states “Today is a remarkable day for myself and everyone involved in the project. Twenty-two months ago, I met the team at ICON for the first time and shared with them my vision for a state of the art, exciting, radical and ICONIC 45 Meter Super Yacht. Many thought I was crazy, many thought there was no market, but the team at ICON and Erdivicki shared my vision. Some twenty-two months later and here we are, welding the first piece of “The Gotham Project” into position and in less than 24 months’ time we’ll be delivering this truly iconic vessel to her very excited owner.”

Jen Wartena of ICON was quick to point out “We have rigged the “Bloemsma” facility with state of the art time lapse cameras so we can capture every mark, tack and weld of the vessel throughout the period and we look forward to sharing it with you all in due course.”

For now, its official, “The Gotham Project” has begun…