Following the success with the conversion of MY Legend, ICON yachts have been flooded with leads on conversion projects!

ICON YACHTS is proud to announce the new conversion project called Project RAGNAR.

The original vessel previously called was initially built as an ice breaking multipurpose support supply vessel in Holland in 2012. Entering the ICON shed in July 2017, she is now ready for her extreme make-over!

Designed by the talented Englishmen at RWD yacht design, the owner is excited about her unique style which was inspired by medieval war craftsmanship, combined with modern sleek lines and British heritage.

She will be one of the few real explorer luxury super yachts with a certified ICE Class A1 super hull!

When we talk about explorer yachts, some yachts may have the looks, but only a few have the actual capabilities to cruise in remote areas. Project RAGNAR is LY3 classed with arctic explorer capabilities, full ice breaking functionality with its unique ICE class PC5 rated electric driven ice pods, giving the vessel its incredible range of 6,000 nautical miles meaning this vessel can go to the most remote areas of the planet.

Originally built to confront rough weather conditions, she actually has a surplus of power! She is strong as a rhino disguised as a swan.

The scope of the full conversion, work includes the increase of luxury accommodation areas, a functional designated deck for toys (a dream toy room) with a fully certified helicopter landing pad.

Check out the incredible toys onboard:
A Luxury Ripsaw EV2 (picture below)
Helicopter EC145
2 tenders of 8 meters
2 ribs of 6 meters
Sea explorer submarine for two people
2 jet skis
2 laser sailing boats
1 RIB Castoldi 26
And much more!

It will also have a floating beach with a retractable gangway, so after your Jet Ski race you can berth your jet ski on the floating beach and walk back to the leisure area which has a massage room, sauna, full size gym, ice pool, and (wait for it) a snow room! Yes, a snow room onboard!

During the conversion, several tanks will be removed and converted into a Leisure/ Spa area. It also has a ski room to store all your ski gear, a boot room, and 1 swimming pool and 1 jacuzzi.

Due to its low draft of only 3.15mt the vessel can go quite near shores and beaches, and thanks to its air- cooled generator and she has the capability to beach the vessel. Yes, you could go direct on the beach if you wanted to!

Project RAGNAR is a twin ice pod propelled diesel electric motor yacht designed to accommodate 6 guestrooms (12pax) plus tow owner rooms each 2 pax.

To learn more about this project contact our commercial department or please email: