APA stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance.
It includes all consumables that will be needed by and for your group during your cruise and will be managed by the captain of your yacht.
Those include the fuel for the voyage, the gasoline for the tenders and motorized toys, the expenses for berths at ports and marinas, possible canal passage dues and port agents costs, your group’s food and beverage purchase and miscellaneous that your captain may have to handle for you such as shore transportation hire, etc…
It is paramount to estimate at best your needs during your cruise well ahead,
Your broker is your best help on this, as he is most likely to know both the operating cost of the yacht as well as your own habits and tastes. And in case of doubt, he is your natural link between the yacht and you.
Nevertheless, keep in mind that any outstanding cost on APA will be settled between the charterer and the captain upon disembarkation, or even during the cruise if needed.
You should know that your captain should be able at anytime during your trip to give you an accurate estimate of the costs already paid in your favor and to inform you of the current level of remaining APA.
In case of doubt or clarification needed, don’t hesitate to ask you broker.
Happy cruising.